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badbitchkush asked: Hey doll! Would you mind checking out my blog? Maybe I could get a reblog or two? Thank you! Xo

Your blog is pretty sweet man I’ll definitely follow! ^.^

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eternitys3nd asked: just want to say that you are lovely.. ive been following you for such a long time... only seen your body once and all i can say is that you are a gem... a diamond all around... any guy with you gets the whole package... wonderful girl... awesome toker.. and great friend

ahhh you are way too kind 😊

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cheech420chong asked: Where you get that Thai blunt from? Lol

My boyfriend made it 😉

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Some lovely indoor grown sour d.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever done dmt? If not do you want to?

Nope. I have thought about it and I enjoy psychedelics but I’m also not too crazy about them, so idk if I would ever actually try it

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